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Five of the Best: Christmas Tree Skirts

In the old days, a simple bucket would have sufficed…or presents and/or the bottom branches of your tree would have been seen as enough disguise for the base of your tree. Nowadays, though, we have the tree skirt: whether it’s a wrap-around piece of fabric or a bucket-like er…bucket cover, its sole purpose is to make the bottom of your Christmas tree look as fabulous as every other detail of your festive decor. Here, we choose our five favourites – each of them available now from the best online retailers.John Lewis Mitsuko Galvanised Tree Skirt in Copper

Galvanised Tree Skirt in Copper – £30, Mitsuko

It’s a metal that’s been pretty much ubiquitous all year and is still huge in interior design, so we had to ensure that copper made an appearance in our choices! Mitsuko’s copper tree skirt is made from galvanised metal and will make the base of your tree look sleek while adding warm tones to your room. If you like the look but would prefer a different colour, a silver-coloured version is also available (also for £30).Light Grey Faux Fur Tree Skirt by M&S

Silver Grey Faux Fur Tree Skirt – £39.50, M&S

Our next exhibit is so soft and snuggly that we’re pretty sure it’ll double as a shrug should your shoulders feel a little bare when you’ve put your party frock on! Still, first and foremost this stylish item is a faux fur tree skirt from M&S, which wraps around the base of your tree and fastens on one side with two ribbon ties. It’ll add a wintry and luxurious look to the bottom of your tree.

Wilko Hessian Tree Skirt in Grey

Hessian Tree Skirt Grey – £10, Wilko

You can always rely on Wilko to come up with a stylish and practical solution for a bargain price, and this grey hessian tree skirt hasn’t let us down. The rustic-look container consists of four hessian boards that are joined at the corners with rope ties. Looking every bit as elegant as its more expensive counterparts, this simple piece can be part of your Christmas decor for a mere ten quid!Santas Belt LED Tree Skirt

Santa’s Belt LED Tree Skirt – £19, Premier

Don’t forget: Christmas trees enjoy fancy dress too! Let your festive centrepiece enjoy the fun and deck it out in this santa’s belt tree skirt from Premier. It has a metal frame that easily folds away for storage, and has a finish of shiny red, silver and black tinsel in the style of Father Christmas’s famous rotund torso. As if that wasn’t enough, the belt is illuminated by eight function sequence LEDs!Santas Belt LED Tree Skirt

Rattan Circular Christmas Tree Skirt – £24.99, Very.co.uk

Very’s Christmas tree skirt is already a bestseller and it’s not hard to see why – at a generous 57cm in diameter, it has a rustic, natural rattan finish and is a super-easy way of disguising the base of your tree…whether it’s an ugly plastic stand or an equally unphotogenic bucket. This timeless woven piece is selling at some speed, so make sure you snap yours up now while stocks last!

Five of the Best: Nested Mixing Bowl Trios

Fancy kitchen equipment is already well but even if you’ve got a cavernous cooking area, you’re not going to be able to display everything all the time, and if space is at a premium, stackable cookware really is where it’s at! With that in mind, we present our five favourite currently-available mixing bowl trios.

Loft 3 Mixing Bowls

Loft 3 Mixing Bowls – £15, M&S

We start M&S’s three-piece set of mixing bowls, which are made from plastic and are in beautiful complementary shades of grey, peach and beige. Each bowl is dishwasher-safe (on the top shelf!) and is made from a robust plastic that will stand up to all sorts of mixing and whisking! The bowls have a spout on one side and a lip on the other, and will assist you as you undertake all kinds of culinary adventures.

3-Piece Bowl Set by Wayfair Basics

Three-Piece Bowl Set – £24.99, Wayfair Basics

As you might expect from the name, the Wayfair Basics range prides itself on providing ‘does what it says on the tin’-type implements and this set of three stackable bowls do not disappoint. Made from a high-quality stainless steel, each bowl has a black, anti-skid silicone base so you can stir away without worrying you’re going to slide across your work surface! They range in size from interior diameters of 24cm to 28cm.

KitchenAid 3-piece Mixing Bowl Set in Cream

Three-piece Mixing Bowl Set in Cream – £69.99 (was £79.99), KitchenAid

You’ll know them mainly from their legendary, rather expensive food mixers, but KitchenAid have been expanding their range to include other appliances as well as this three-piece mixing bowl set. The outer ‘bowl’ is more accurately described as a jug, but its handle is helpful all the same. Made from high-quality ceramic, they are also available with black or red around the edge, as well as in this cream version.

The perfect accessory for any budding chef, this set of 3 mixing bowls from KitchenAid is ideal for whipping up everything from single serving sides to family-filling cakes.

Spectrum Set of Three Plastic Mixing Bowls

Set of Three Plastic Mixing Bowls – £14, Spectrum

These large stackable plastic bowls from Spectrum will add a bit of bright colour to your kitchen – the purple, red and turquoise (or yellow, if you prefer) bowls are really capacious and each has a rubber ring appended to the bottom to prevent slippage. The dishwasher-safe bowls also have easy-grip handles to one side, and a pouring spout at the other, to ensure that your work surfaces remain under control.

John Lewis Croft Collection Copper Mixing Bowls, Set of 3

Croft Collection Copper Mixing Bowls, Set of 3 – £30, John Lewis

Copper is such popular material in home design at the moment – even the kitchen hasn’t escaped its notice! – and so the warm finish of these three mixing bowls from the John Lewis Croft Collection is certain to go down a storm. The stylish stainless steel bowls are designed to last and perfect for everything from beating an egg or two to running up an army-sized batch of fairy cakes.

The Dreamiest Dressing Table Mirrors

The bedroom is one of the most important parts of the home – it’s (normally!) the first thing you see when you wake up, so atmosphere is all-important. A beautiful dressing table can add a real feel of luxury and elegance to your boudoir, and with that in mind we present our five favourite dressing table mirrors.

John Lewis Rose Mist Dressing Table Mirror

Rose Mist Dressing Table Mirror – £225, John Lewis

We begin with the sophisticated Rose Mist dressing table from John Lewis. Stunningly crafted and both carved and painted by hand (with distressed effects) it has three discreet drawers finished off with dainty handles. This gorgeous piece is part of a furniture range that includes a matching dressing table – in addition to a wardrobe, beds, a bedside table and a chest, so you can match up your decor to your heart’s content.

Linea Grace Dressing Table Mirror

Grace Dressing Table Mirror – £100, Linea

Linea have developed a reputation for doing wonderful things with glass – though admittedly we know them mainly for actual glassware – so this stunning Grace dressing table mirror shouldn’t really have taken us too much by surprise. The three-part mirror has delicate flower detailing around the edge of each section, and at 60cm high (by 90cm wide), it’s more than large enough for you to beautify yourself in front of!

Gallery Direct Spire Dressing Table Mirror in Mindy Ash

Spire Dressing Table Mirror in Mindy Ash – £275, Gallery Direct

A real quality piece, Gallery Direct’s table top mirror has a gothic feel about it, thanks to its shape and spire detailing. The frame is made from solid Mindy Ash, finished off with both blonde European and American walnut inlays. A drawer at the base has a looped metal handle and offers space for your dressing table essentials. It’s part of an exquisite range that includes a bed, lingerie (!) chest and wardrobe.

Primrose Dressing Table MirrorPrimrose Dressing Table Mirror – £39.99, The Range

The Range’s Primrose Dressing table mirror is traditional in design, and features a shapely frame, attached to which you’ll find an oval mirror with ornate floral detailing at the top. The frame is made from MDF with a white finish, and the handles are made from matching poly-resin. Two small drawers on either side will store away your make-up and jewellery and eliminate clutter from your dressing table.

Marrakech Three Way Arched Dressing Table Mirror by Wildon Home

Marrakech Three Way Arched Dressing Table Mirror – £105, Wildon Home

And now for something completely different: Wildon home have taken a traditionally-shaped three way dressing table mirror, painted it black, and embellished it with elaborate North African designs. The appropriately-named Marrakech arched dressing table mirror is just perfect if you want something a bit different for your bedroom – and if you really like the look it’s worth noting that the Mrarakech range also includes tables and even a six-drawer chest.