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The Dreamiest Dressing Table Mirrors

The bedroom is one of the most important parts of the home – it’s (normally!) the first thing you see when you wake up, so atmosphere is all-important. A beautiful dressing table can add a real feel of luxury and elegance to your boudoir, and with that in mind we present our five favourite dressing table mirrors.

John Lewis Rose Mist Dressing Table Mirror

Rose Mist Dressing Table Mirror – £225, John Lewis

We begin with the sophisticated Rose Mist dressing table from John Lewis. Stunningly crafted and both carved and painted by hand (with distressed effects) it has three discreet drawers finished off with dainty handles. This gorgeous piece is part of a furniture range that includes a matching dressing table – in addition to a wardrobe, beds, a bedside table and a chest, so you can match up your decor to your heart’s content.

Linea Grace Dressing Table Mirror

Grace Dressing Table Mirror – £100, Linea

Linea have developed a reputation for doing wonderful things with glass – though admittedly we know them mainly for actual glassware – so this stunning Grace dressing table mirror shouldn’t really have taken us too much by surprise. The three-part mirror has delicate flower detailing around the edge of each section, and at 60cm high (by 90cm wide), it’s more than large enough for you to beautify yourself in front of!

Gallery Direct Spire Dressing Table Mirror in Mindy Ash

Spire Dressing Table Mirror in Mindy Ash – £275, Gallery Direct

A real quality piece, Gallery Direct’s table top mirror has a gothic feel about it, thanks to its shape and spire detailing. The frame is made from solid Mindy Ash, finished off with both blonde European and American walnut inlays. A drawer at the base has a looped metal handle and offers space for your dressing table essentials. It’s part of an exquisite range that includes a bed, lingerie (!) chest and wardrobe.

Primrose Dressing Table MirrorPrimrose Dressing Table Mirror – £39.99, The Range

The Range’s Primrose Dressing table mirror is traditional in design, and features a shapely frame, attached to which you’ll find an oval mirror with ornate floral detailing at the top. The frame is made from MDF with a white finish, and the handles are made from matching poly-resin. Two small drawers on either side will store away your make-up and jewellery and eliminate clutter from your dressing table.

Marrakech Three Way Arched Dressing Table Mirror by Wildon Home

Marrakech Three Way Arched Dressing Table Mirror – £105, Wildon Home

And now for something completely different: Wildon home have taken a traditionally-shaped three way dressing table mirror, painted it black, and embellished it with elaborate North African designs. The appropriately-named Marrakech arched dressing table mirror is just perfect if you want something a bit different for your bedroom – and if you really like the look it’s worth noting that the Mrarakech range also includes tables and even a six-drawer chest.

Quirky and Contemporary Chandeliers

You could be forgiven for seeing them as a traditional addition to the home, ostentatiously harking back to a bygone age, but chandeliers have come a long way. Even in their more orthodox versions they make use of modern materials and in forms even more glitzier and glamorous than before. Those ones don’t concern us today, however – we’re looking at more modern takes on the chandelier – its more contemporary and quirky incarnations. Here are our five current favourites:

Heathfield & Co Andromeda Antique Brass Mixed Glass Chandelier

Andromeda Antique Brass Mixed Glass Chandelier – £1038, Heathfield & Co

Our first choice is unmistakably modern in its styling…Mid-Century Modern, that is! The Andromeda chandelier by Heathfield & Co comprises three adjustable arms in antique brass, each of which pokes through a pastel-coloured glass shade in the style of a vintage hairdryer hood! The arms are arranges at angles and are connected to a cylindrical brass section by three prongs of different lengths.

Antler Flowers 6 Light Candle-Style Chandelier by KARE Design

Antler Flowers Candle-Style Chandelier – £279.99, Kare Design

Kare’s chandelier shows a real mix of influences – extending from a long metal chain, the aluminium core of this piece is made from a cone shape from which extend six antlers (yes you heard that right!), each of which bears a vertical lamp-bearing post. Each light has a unique shade made from a different cheerful floral fabric and further antlers extend from inside of each light fitting as well as the base of the piece.

Marquis by Waterford Bandon 8 Light Chrome Curve Chandelier

Marquis Bandon 8 Light Chrome Curve Chandelier – £279.99, Waterford

Waterford have been producing crystal since as far back as 1783, so you might expect their take on the chandelier to be traditional – but the Marquis chrome curve chandelier, though it has timeless charm, consists of a series of contemporary chrome arms emanating from a central cylinder. Each of the arms supports a cut glass cup which holds a bulb, as well as a delicate crystal droplet which will shimmer as the light beams out.

Junipa Lana Large Wood Chandelier

Lana Large Wood Chandelier – £195, Junipa

Wood might not be the first material you think of when it comes to statement light fittings – and the term ‘rustic chandelier’ could well seem like a contradiction in terms, but the Lana large wood chandelier is here to prove you wrong! Hand-carved from mango wood, with plenty of intricate detailing, it hangs from a long chain, houses a single central light bulb and has been finished with a subtle grey wash.

Lee Broom Decanter Chandelier

Decanter Chandelier – £1,400, Lee Broom

We end with a real modern stunner – Lee Broom’s decanter chandelier, inspired by the company’s bar and restaurant design. Five twisted fabric flexes off different lengths hang from a large circular plate. At the end of each flex are beautiful decanters – two square bottles, one tulip and two bells – each of which has been hand-cut from lead crystal and engraved with beautiful vintage patterns.