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Five of the Best: Wooden TV Units

Televisions haven’t always been the sleek affairs they are today and so the units or stands supporting them haven’t generally been so nice either. However…that’s all changed – and to celebrate, today we’re presenting our five favourite wooden TV units – each of them deserving of a place in your living room as a piece of furniture in its own right!

Moon Maisons du Monde Solid mango wood vintage TV unit in yellow

Moon Solid Mango Wood vintage TV Unit – £459, Maisons du Monde

We see quite a few television units in Midcentury style these days, but – lovely as they are – they’re not always as attention-grabbing as this vintage style TV unit from Maisons du Monde. Constructed from solid mango wood, it has curved recessed sections on each drawer front in bright yellow. It’s practical too, and provides plenty of storage for your CD or DVD collections as well as for your viewing equipment.

Ainez Recycled Boat TV Stand by Borough Wharf

Ainez Recycled Boat TV Stand – £688.39 (was £1,082), Borough Wharf

Looking for a truly unique piece? This Ainez TV stand is made from 100% reclaimed wood, taken from old sea fishing boards, so each one is different. The kiln-dried wood makes up the bulk of the unit whereas the frame – which includes beautiful slanted Scandinavian-style legs – and the top are made from brushed steel. With a door and two drawers, this fine piece provides ample storage space too.

AVF Affinity Premium 1150 Bay Curved TV Stand For TVs in Oak

Affinity Premium 1150 Bay Curved TV Stand For TVs in Oak – £419.95, AVF

AVF’s sleek TV stand is almost kidney-shaped which makes it especially suited for slotting in a corner or against a wall – and with either a curved or a flat television screen. Made from sturdy oak veneer, it has two lower shelves and remote-friendly glass doors. The legs have three height options and, should you choose, you can attach the (included) mounting column to the back, suspending your television above the stand.

Tom Schneider Wave Entwine TV Unit

Wave Entwine TV Unit – £1049, Tom Schneider

Inspired by undulating waves, Tom Schneider’s television unit is part of a stylish range that includes a coffee table, console table and nest of tables. The shape of the frame shows off the natural beauty of the wood veneer that covers the frame. With a clear glass top and an additional shelf, there’s plenty of space for media units, yet the striking supporting structure is not hidden from view.

Aspen TV Stand

Aspen TV Stand – £449.99, Indian Hub

We finish with another beauty made from reclaimed materials: the Aspen TV stand, an Indian-made piece, hand-crafted from iron and wood. The frame has curved edges and has been finished naturally so that the beauty of the wood – which is slightly different for each piece – can be seen. The four drawers are lighter in colour and the structure rests on a four-legged frame made from iron.

Retro Suitcase-style Vinyl Record Players

Vinyl records have made an unexpected comeback in the past few years – though for many of us, they didn’t really ever go away! MP3s are all very well but they don’t have sleeves or artwork…or that smell! So we’re delighted to present – complete with technology that your dad’s player doesn’t have – our five favourite retro suitcase-style vinyl record players.

GPO Ambassador Attaché 3-Speed Bluetooth Record Player in Cream & Tan

Ambassador Attaché 3-Speed Bluetooth Record Player in Cream & Tan – £119.99, GPO

Made from solid wood and bound around the edges with brown leatherette, the GPO Ambassador is a really stylish record player in the style of an attaché briefcase. It has a rechargeable battery, which means you can take it wherever you want to, and Bluetooth functionality, so you’re not limited to playing vinyl – wonderful as it is! The three-speed player has twin stereo speakers but you can also connect it to external speakers if you wish.

Crosley Cruiser Turntable Record Player In Pink

Cruiser Turntable Record Player In Pink – £80, Crosley

We love the bubblegum pink colour of this suitcase-shaped vinyl record player by Crosley which incorporates a three-speed, belt-driven turntable and stereo speakers into its ever-so-cute frame. You can, of course, attach it to headphones or speakers should you wish – and it’s available in a beautiful vivid orange colour as well, if you love the product but fancy it in a different shade.

Goodmans Ealing Portable Turntable

Ealing Portable Turntable – £49.99 (was £69.99), Goodmans

It looks like a classic, but the Goodmans Ealing portable turntable is equipped with the latest tech. You can, of course, play vinyl records on it, but you can also connect it to your computer and save your favourite music – and it even includes all of the software and cables necessary for you to convert all your old discs into MP3 files on your computer’s hard drive. Stereo speakers are built in and a rechargeable battery means you can take it outside.

Itek Suitcase Style Turntable

Suitcase Style Turntable – £19.99 (was £49.99), Itek

Itek’s suitcase-style turntable will merrily play all of your vinyl records – at all three speeds and has both stereo sound and an auto-stop feature. An RCA output socket means you can connect this mains-operated player to a stereo-system if you wish. Best of all – this stylish bright red record player has been reduced in the sale and you’ll get a penny’s change back for a mere twenty quid!

AKAI Bluetooth Rechargeable Suitcase Style Turntable

Bluetooth Rechargeable Suitcase Style Turntable – £39.99, Akai

We finish with this Akai retro styled turntable which comes in a cheerful duck egg blue suitcase surround and has a drive belt turntable that will play your 33s, 45s and 78s (though did anyone ever really play those?!) Speakers are built in (though you can attach external cans should you wish!) as is Bluetooth technology, and a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery enables you to take it out into the open. It’s also available in black or red.